At the Petersberg Climate Dialogue, Chancellor Angela Merkel supports the plans of the EU Commission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 55 percent until 2030 compared to 1990. The German business community is sending a clear message to the Chancellor: the corona crisis must not be allowed to tempt politicians to ease up on climate protection, was the signal given by more than 60 companies that have issued a joint appeal on the initiative of the “Stiftung 2 Grad”. They want to ensure that the new start after the Corona crisis is used consistently to set the course for sustainability and climate protection.

We are calling on the German government to closely link economic policy measures to overcome the corona and climate crises,” says the appeal, which has been published in the Handelsblatt. The composition of the group is remarkable. The more than 60 companies come from all sectors of the economy. They include Dax corporations, but also medium-sized companies. The industries represented range from heavy and chemical industry, mechanical engineering and vehicle construction to the financial, building and mobility sectors.

The appeal submitted to the Handelsblatt states that it is important to “systematically align economic and investment programmes in a climate-friendly manner”. An ambitious and effective climate policy must be “an elementary component of an economic and industrial policy aimed at crisis resilience”. The foundation, an initiative of chairmen, managing directors and family entrepreneurs who are committed to climate protection, has won companies over and above its members for the joint appeal.