More and more companies are deciding to take fewer business trips by using popular software programs such as Zoom and Skype.

Consider travelling domestically by train to reduce emissions from air travel. However, if air travel is required, investigate the class of travel used. Using the 2019 UK Defra Carbon Factors for a long-haul flight, the emissions per passenger-kilometre for travel in first class are 0.60kg CO2e, in business class 0.43kg CO2e and in economy class 0.15kg CO2e. This is calculated on the basis of the space required per seat in the aircraft.

This means that a single flight from London Heathrow to New York JFK Airport has a CO2 footprint per person of 3684 kg CO2e for first class, 2671 kg CO2e for business class and 921 kg CO2e for economy class. For those who make several trips a year, a switch from business to economy class means a reduction in comfort, but also a significant change in the associated emissions.

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